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A 3 hours Walk allows you to discover a city within its mainlines, highlights and a personal or a specialized approach of what you like with your guide-lecturer and by foot. Marseille is the second most important city in France for its antiquity but also for its communities !

CITY walks

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

ancient and modern walls


Experience a circular walk inside of the oldest streets of Marseille, following the ancient walls and roads tracks …a wonderful way to know more about Marseilles present and past city life , from 600 before Christ, St Victor’s Monastery walls, along the Path to Italy, where Bonaparte has grown up, until the 19th century urban richnesses and the actual Museum MUCEM district.

Duration : 3 hours walk

Meeting place : In front of  St Victor Abbey church

Difficulty : Moderate

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

jewish communities in history


Marseille is the biggest « euro-mediterranean » coastal and cosmopolite city and port. 

Your introduction to Marseille Metropolis will pass by the great Breteuil Synagogue, where you can discover a Memorial wall, capturing the names of 2,000 people from the city arrested downtown during the WWII critical events of the south-east of France, and deported.
Le Panier, the oldest district of Marseille was already connected to all around the Mediterranean sea and to Orient, through the Old Dock at the time of the early Greek settlement, 600 years before Christ. 

Extension : After Marseille, you have the possibility to travel north, to the Luberon historical landscape of Provence where the early jewish temples have been preserved.

Duration : 3 hours walk + extensions

Meeting place : In front of  the old Town Hall (Vieux-Port)

Difficulty : Easy

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