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Original "Metropolitan footpaths" are tailor-made walks with a geographer, naturalists and historians of architecture. They accompany the desire of walkers, informed inhabitants, enlightened tourists and the emergence of innovative practices on the historical, natural and "territorial engineering" heritage.The hiking goes through traditional heritage, ongoing developments, city policy, semi-urban planning and renewal. Provencal landscape, informal meetings with locals or professionals are all along the way.

metropolitan paths

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Ollioules, Great Landscape

Village surrounded by the nearby Metropolis, Ollioules has kept some very impressive rural landscapes . The path is getting down south through some woods and fields with spectacular views towards the sea. Following up an historical frame, from the Antic roads to the actual uses of nature with the private gardens, the trail deals with a geographical progression and the meetings with family agricultural activities inside of suburban area.

Duration : 6 hours by foot. 2 different meeting points

Meeting place : Ollioules, Parking Chateauvallon, scène nationale

Difficulty : Moderate to challenging woods, lands, and steep paths

© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

Copyright : photo P-H Lavessière

st mandrier / les sablettes sur mer

So far, so close, insularity ?

Inside of Toulon's Metropolis is the bay, which southern side has always been highly connected to the most important naval mediterranean military operations. The paths from Saint-Mandrier Port and Cape to the sandy coast at Les Sablettes have been the theater of our major connections with orientalism, stylish aegyptian fashion (1798,1890)) and then behind massive decolonizations for our european countries (1917, 1961). At each level of our walk the is the possibility of crossed-dialogues about Champollion quarantine, Michel Pacha at Tamaris, 60's sea-resorts projects and new urban districts along the most ecological fragile area.

Duration : 6 hours by foot.

Meeting place : Mistral bateau-bus station (St Mandrier Village)

Difficulty : Moderate to challenging woods, lands, and steep paths

LPG - FR - Chemins metropolitains - cred
© Les Promenades Guidées - Provence

Copyright : archives THMED

toulon / le revest

Toulon Metropolis, by the coastal river

The walk takes place on a rise of the Las, coastal river and highly structuring element of the metropolitan territory, along its historical route starting from the west of Toulon to the village of Le Revest-les-Eaux. From the dense city to the medieval fortress, to the perched village, through museum gardens, public parks and small hamlets. The day is under the sign of gentle paths, shared elements for a metropolitan "pedestrian green frame".

Duration : 6 hours by foot, way back by city bus

Meeting place : Passerelle du Palais des Sports

Difficulty : Moderate to challenging

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